Greetings! Welcome to Colossal Ostrich Games, a game design company by lifelong game players. We are a collection of gamers who have played nearly every genre and style of game since childhood. From the classic big box store board games to highly niche hex grid wargames our members have experience in nearly every game style there is. Once we were old enough to start earning our own money we inevitably found miniature games, games where you got to build your own models and paint them!

Once we started building, customizing, and making each model a unique piece of art it wasn’t long until we tried our hands at game design. In our formulative years the enormity and complexity of such a Herculean task was lost on us as crude and broken rules were scribbled on wide rule paper between classes at school. During this time we learned, we grew, and we played. We played games of every genre and style, groaning about the short comings and praising the perfections. It is now, through a combined experience of nearly 50 years of gaming, that we have wholeheartedly began crafting our own rule systems for games.

Colossal Ostrich Gaming is striving to bring innovative and accessible rule systems to the tables and bookshelves of gamers across the world. Topics of focus include historical genres from the ancients to the modern, science fiction spanning galaxies and universes, and fantasies born in the youthful minds of our collective past. Be it simulation or cinematic, we intend to present tabletop game hobbyists with new material from a new perspective, not to reinvent the wheel but making something different.