Colossal Ostrich Gaming is currently working on multiple projects we intend to bring to the crowds of tabletop gamers with new and innovative systems. Nearly every player of games we know has some idea or change, no matter how minor, they want to make to a game. Our goal is to make those changes. Currently we have two projects being developed with each taking place over TWO millennia apart.

WWII: Platoon Level Combat

WWII: Platoon Level Combat aims to bring an accessible and realistic game for platoon size combat during the Second World War. The focus is placed on the men who won the war themselves, the boots on the ground as it were. Squad Leaders and NCO’s lead their men in historical formations with TO&E’s heavily researched from 1939 to 1945 in an attempt to accurately display the tactics and thinking of the time. A players force will be built upon a pre-made infantry platoon with assets available from the Company and Battalion level. Then the squads that make the platoon will be under the magnifying lens with fire teams moving independently and relying on the Squad Leaders to direct them.


Lanista places the player as the head of a gladiator school during the heyday of the Roman Empire. With a dedicated campaign system built into the game itself players will take charge of individual gladiators as they rise or fall in the sands of the arena. A dynamic action system allows for incredible feats of prowess, or fatal mistakes. During a spectacle gladiators must manage their fatigue or risk becoming exhausted at the most inopportune time. Wounds suffered from a previous show may hamper their effectiveness, but the crowds may remember their glories.